Properties 1.4404 stainless steel

1.4404 stainless steel is a material that can be processed in a variety of ways. resistant to
Corrosion in media containing chloride.
The sheet metal made of stainless steel V4A offers thanks to its high-quality properties
numerous areas of application, for example:
- automotive industry
- construction industry
- mechanical engineering / aviation
- Food Industry / Pharmacy
- decoration
- in salt water
- in swimming pools

The stainless steel can be heated slowly and forged in the temperature range between 1150 °C and 1180 °C. The cooling of 1.4404 V4A stainless steel with water or air should then take place quickly. The 1.4404 material can be welded well, with and without filler material; its corrosion resistance is unaffected by welding.

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